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Eyebrows are practically the structure to your face. Yes, that’s right you can change the entire look of your emotional expression just threw the shape of your eyebrows. The whole entire reason why we have eyebrows is so we can show other people are emotions through them. So now do you really want to go screwing up your eyebrows without any knowledge of what to do and end up withRBF. (Resting bitch face)?! I didn’t think so!

From my experience below you will find all of my past dilemmas and my future solutions so you don’t make the same mistake that I and so many other women have already made.

When you get to the age that you see all of your other girlfriends plucking away at their eyebrows make sure to do your research and find out the best way to go about it. ( If your a good DAB you will share your knowledge with your friend that is already eyebrow plucking crazy.)

When I was a child I would take my mother’s tweezers and I would pluck my eyebrows from the top. I would pluck them down so far they became almost nonexistent they didn’t have the lift that they needed nor the shape that would structure my face.

#1. Don’t be afraid to tell your mom that you want to have your eyebrows shaped. Most of us have already been through this and we do not want our children or beloved friends to go through the same bad situation that we went through.

#2. It is best to seek out a professional to have your eyebrows either threaded or waxed to start the initial shape of a good eyebrow. Be sure to check things like yelp and find out other people’s experiences at the place you choose. It is important to know what others have received at this business.

DAB’s this is your face and is not something to be toyed with.

The problem with having a bad eyebrow job is that it takes months and months to gain back what you originally started with. Then you will spend hours staring in the mirror at your poor pathetic eyebrows and trying to use a pencil to cover up the mistake or to fill in where your hair once was, is a big disappointment and a huge waste of time.

Choosing threading over waxing or vise versa

#3. DAB’s deciding between the two is not going to be easy because let’s face it they both hurt. We’ve all heard that expression pain is beauty. But also think to yourself what is going to be the best for my face. I started out waxing because when I was your age the only thing they had was waxing -that I knew of.

In time I have found out about a thing called threading. And here’s the difference waxing they take a hot wax – they put it on your face and they use a paper strip and rip it off the opposite way of the hair growth. Seems pretty simple but what we’re not realizing and what many of us have just found out is the wax is actually pulling and tugging at our skin creating it to become a lot looser. now in time if you do this for the rest of your life you might be creating a faster way to wrinkles. Aaahhhhh!!! Wrinkles!!!!! Noooo!!

The good thing about threading and yes threading hurts a lot more than waxing but it is only taking away the hair and not tugging at the skin.

• Remember everybody’s skin type is completely different do a little trial and error of each product you might find which one is better for you they also have organic waxes that might be beneficial if you have sensitive skin.

• Next, you’re going to want to look at an eyebrow and face shaping chart. Whichever shape of your face there is usually an eyebrow shape that will go along with it. Be sure to check out one of these charts and decide what shape is going to be the best for you. *show your eyebrow technician the look you’re going for.

• If you want to fill in your eyebrows after you have gotten them fully waxed then that will come with experience and practice nothing is ever perfect the first time you do it so I recommend practicing as much as possible. Also, you can check out my YouTube tutorial located here on our videos page of DAB TV!

Don’t forget to post your eyebrow tips and tricks or secrets here on our blog! xo- Heathyr

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