static1.squarespaceH: First can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Olivia: Hi my name is Olivia I am a personal trainer and weight loss specialist. I currently have my own company with my husband called Street Fit Society. We provide mobile personal training and meal prep services. I absolutely love what I do, there is no better feeling than being your own Boss.

H: Wow, you started your own company! What was that like for you?

Olivia: I must admit it was a little scary at first leaving a steady job with a steady income especially being that I have TWO children. But knowing that all of the success is in my own hands it’s very motivating. This makes it easier for me to work hard and long hours knowing that I am building MY OWN EMPIRE.

H: Well, you definitely have taken a risk. Not many people would have that kind of courage especially – with having children! You are the perfect example that anyone can do anything. Now that you have seen the success of your business do you have any upcoming goals?

Olivia: My goal is to expand my business and open a storefront. I would also like to take the meal prep and delivery services to a new level and have an actual location to do so. As of right now I am doing everything out of my own kitchen.haha. I want people to live a healthy life, to have a good quality of life, to be able to enjoy all of the opportunities that life has to offer without being hindered by any preventable health related problems.

H: I wouldn’t want to see the dishes at your house after meal prepping for clients!!

Olivia: Laughs

H: That is so great, we could all use an encouraging healthy friend like you! How do you offer your services to potential clients?

Olivia: I can reach most of my clientele via Skype, social media outlets, person-to-person contact, phone calls, and text messages. It’s very important to be there for them as much as possible to help them with their entire Health Fitness or weight loss process. Sometimes this process can be challenging and hard to break old habits, Not to mention starting new ones.

H: That is for sure! I know that feeling all to well. What do you say to someone that is on the fence with working out or working with you?

Olivia: As much as people say working out isn’t that fun, it can be. It is something that we all should be doing and have to do. I am here to help and It’s my job 2 bring a little bit of enjoyment and a whole lot of support to anyone who is on their health journey.

H: Great way to put it girlfriend! What would you tell your younger self?

Olivia: If I could talk to my younger self I would tell myself that my health is important. I would remind myself to make healthier choices. I would tell myself to love myself because no matter what shape or size I was, It was important to feel special just like every other person.


Olivia Leaves all of The DAB’S listening with this:

“I want to tell the other DAB’S to take time out of their day and invest a little bit of time on themselves. That time that we invest in ourselves now- will greatly affect the quality of life that we have in the future.”

Thank you So much for joining us today Olivia, we really appreciate it and also having you as a member of our community. DAB’S Please show Olivia some L-O-V-E, comment, or ask questions below and give her a big round of applause for being a loving mother, wife, and Fierce business women in the modern day world.For those of you who are interested in working with Olivia and would like to contact her you can check out her website

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