Good Evening to all of you Determined and Beautiful Sister’s. I hope that this Thursday has all of you in a good place. Statistic’s say humans have roughly 60,000 thoughts running thru our head’s every day. (YUP, I SAID 60,000!! I know your listening now, so keep reading 😉 – Sometimes this number can be more and sometimes less. Gosh imagine if we got a dollar for every little thing we thought about!? We would all be rich and have no issues!!!! SHOPPING SPREE OKAY-start thinking of what you would buy and GO! YAYYYYYY………..

Wait, WAIT, wait…I amsorry the money for thoughts bank doesn’t exist yet.… Sorry everyone, I guess we will have to get back to boring old reality. Let’s be honest, real life isn’t THAT boring. Having money doesn’t make humans happy, it might make our financial stress go away – thats about it. What about the rest of the thing’s in life that make our stomach have butterflies (BIG SIGH) and our hearts melt. For Example; Love for one another; including significant others and family members. Also, It can be love for a specific flower, the way a puppy or certain animal melts your heart, the love you have for your mother’s cooking, or a love for that special non platonicperson that brighten’s up your day for two minutes when you have interaction.

Alright now, we are talking… Remember the last time you did a good deed for someone else? Do you remember how you felt for those special moments after? I can almost guarantee you took a big breathe, smiled to yourself, and maybe you even added in a happy dance. Money cant put a price tag on these types of feelings and emotions.

Here are a few things that I am instilling in my life that I would like to share with you. I have been this way for many years and It is strictly for my own personal positive well being. To be thoughtful works in many ways for the body, soul, and mind. Now to be thoughtful you don’t have to go above and beyond to stand out. You simply have to find the simple things that could make someone else’s day. And when I mean simple let me give you an example. We all know the street sign spinners, RIGHT!? Usually, they are be-bopping around on the street corner with a big fancy sign, sometimes maybe even a costume. They are trying their absolute hardest to make you laugh at their dance moves and get you to at least acknowledge they are there. Can I ask a question? Why is it that 95 out of 100 people do not smile, & do not wave even though they have 100% seen or made eye contact with the be-bopping street performer.

Ladies, and Gentleman, (if your reading) DAB’S and DAM’S, Allow me to introduce;


THOUGHTFUL : Showing consideration

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY : The one day that you are truly Mindful, aware, andyou have consideration for yourself, The people you surround yourself with, the Earth, and possibly start to recognize charitable organizations that give back in a positive manner.

(If you are already involved in an organization that speaks to your heart, PLEASE share with us below at the DAB COMPANY so we can all get involved and aware. Thank you)

I will leave you with this sisters,This quote is a beautiful one that I found from an article on the huffingtonpost healthy living page. “In shared silence, our heart breathes. When we feel our hearts, all the problems our mind found just moments ago are seen differently.”

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