Hey DAB’s today’s Thoughtful Thursday is all about your mindful pledge in the presence of yourself and other’s.

Mindfulness; The ability to pay attention to the present moment with a conscious state of being and without judgment.

“Be where you are. Otherwise, you’ll miss your life.” -Buddha


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Dab Sisters Take The Mindful Pledge

It is more often than not that our every day particular moment’s pass us by because we are so enthralled in our own head’s, technology devices, or the other priority’s that keep us busy in our day to day lives.

The Mental benefits of being mindful alone can fight depression, improve academic performance, help regulate emotions, fight memory loss, and fight anxiety.

Not only are there mental benefits, but there are physical benefits too. It can contribute to weight loss, reduces the risk of heart disease, and fights chronic pain. I am sure you are asking yourself, how is this possible? Mindfulness involves six neuropsychological process’s that leads to a meditative state of self-awareness. Letting go of the ego + intention, motivation = attention and regulation. This is called changing the behaviors or attitudes in our brain to create emotion and regulation. It also creates a pro-social behavior that in return gives you a sense of empathy for others.

Don’t Wait. Do It Today.

If there is ALOT of good in being mindful then in high sight why do we fight so hard to be mindful of our standard Monday’s – Sunday’s? Maybe there are a lot of reasons that make us this way including the effects of social media, our cellular devices, and the biz-i-ness of our lives. If we take the steps now to be more mindful, we can create a better experience for our selves, and the futures of our children – the new millennial’s.

I am heading off this afternoon to see my beautiful stepdaughter and her alluring group of friends take pictures for their senior prom 2016. It is liberating to watch them all dressed up and ready for their night to remember. As I sit here and reflect on my senior prom 2006, a whopping ten years ago, I have found that I can only recall bits and pieces. I couldn’t truly live in the moment.  Stressed out about every detail and I let that special day go by without holding on to one of the most special moments in my life. I now take that pledge to be mindful in my life and not only for special occasions, but for the moments that are shared with my family, friends, pets, and co-workers. Do you dare to take The DAB Company’s more mindful pledge? #MINDFULDAB #DARETODAB #MINDS4DAB #MINDFULPLEDGE

Please share your Mindful Pledge results with us at the DAB Company by commenting below or emailing us at Heathyr@lovedab.com

Check out mindful.org for tips to help you feel more mindful!

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