having a bad dayHave you ever woken up out of bed and as soon as your mind starts to wake you say to yourself “Today is going to be the best day ever!” An hour later the new guy your dating tells you he’s found someone else, you grab your keys head out the door, and notice a flat tire on your car. Typically this is followed by a chain of events like your bank calls you about fraudulent charges on your card, your phone smashed on the driveway, ETC. ETC…

We can never actually pinpoint why these things all seem to happen at the same time, but when it rains, it pours. So how do you stop a bad day and your emotions when you feel you’re about to crumble to the floor, and all you want to do is hide under the covers?

There has to be a solution, even though it is not the easiest for everyone there are ways to train yourself so you can stay strong, assertive, and take care of your dilemma’s like the boss of a Fortune 500 company!


8 Steps to Kick Those Blues Away

  1. As soon as you say “ OHH NOO” or “uggghhh” in your brain or out loud you should immediately start breathing slowly. In thru your nose out thru your mouth and down to your toes. (use the same breathing technique you would use in a yoga class.)
  2. Remind yourself; this situation is only temporary for the moment. Think back to past similar situations that were difficult but ended up being okay. Say these examples out loud.
  3. Get to work. If the things you are facing are physical things that are wrong, you need to address the situations right away. The longer you procrastinate, the longer these things will be on your mind and keep you down. If you go to the mall and fix your cracked phone, as soon as it’s repaired, the damage is out of your mind. I guarantee you will take a breathe and “glad that’s done”
    1. Example: If your tire is flat, and maybe money is tight, start reaching out to friends that might be able to point you in the best direction of the cheapest rates or go to the internet.If it’s your bank card, go to the bank immediately, they will replace your card, and you’ll be back to good in no time. Remember; stay calm, it is not the bank’s fault they are just trying to protect you
  4. Being emotionally upset cannot be as easy to fix at the exact moment. It is best to keep yourself busy and distracted if it is something that is not life-threatening. Try to do something for yourself that you have wanted to do for a long time. Did you want to take a music class? Go to a concert, or color your hair? Doing something for yourself is a great way to create a win FOR YOU!
  5. Discover yourself worth, know what can bring you down and what can’t. Make a list.  Knowing yourself will help you to be prepared for any bad situation that comes your way.
  6.  Know that you can’t take care of anyone else until you can take care of yourself.
  7. Accept constructive criticism gracefully, understand why you’re getting it in the first place, and know that in every situation we all face personal growth.
  8. Remember who you were the moments before the turning point of a bad day. That person isn’t lost it has just taken a back seat. Think about how easy it is to go from the back seat of a car to the front seat of the car in real life; you can do it physically and mentally.

Be the driver in the front seat of your bad day; you have the capabilities to turn it back into the best day ever! Please let us know if any of these tricks have helped you and if you have any methods of your own The DAB COMPANY wants to know! Please comment, & subscribe below!!

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