One of the hardest lessons everyone has to learn one way or another is how to budget money. If you’re like me, then you almost always scrape by but wish you could do a little better saving your money. As much as I would love to tell you, it’s a quick fix, and with the flick of a wand, poof, you’ll have the perfect budget for your needs we all know budgeting is more of a long con game. Slow and steady wins the race here but what you can do is use these few tips and tricks we put together to put a little less stress on your monthly income. Let’s see if can learn something new about saving money today, shall we?

The are tons of apps you can use, and I wanted to share some of my favorites.

  • Do you buy groceries? If you do, you should look into downloading and creating an Ibotta account. Ibotta gives you cash back on the products you buy. You can search for rebates are you favorites grocery or department stores and get few bucks back everytime you upload the receipt with your rebate items on them. I’ve saved a decent amount on items I’m going to buy anyway, plus you get $10 free for signing up.
  • If you do most of your shopping online, then you need an Ebates account. Ebates is exactly what it sounds like. This great site with a chrome extension will give you cash back for items you buy online. Ebates is great, and they will send you to check straight to your door when you are ready to redeem your money.

Ok enough with the apps. Here are some great ways to save money through small actions.

  • Go Thrifting! We all love to shop, but clothes can add up. Instead of buying designer brand all the time you should try and go pick something up from the thrift store. Head to Crossroads or Plato’s Closet. These stores carry name brands but used and at a fraction of the cost. So you can still look fly but on a budget.
  • Pack Your Lunch. Not only is this healthier for your body but it will help you save. Prepare your meals a day or two before your work day and don’t forget to take it to work with you. Less eating out equals more money in the bank.
  • And one last tip from one of our favorite senators Elizabeth Warren. Try the 50/20/30 Plan: Popularized by Senator Elizabeth Warren in her book, All Your Worth, this approach to budgeting benefits from simplicity. With this plan, 50% of income goes to necessities, 20% to long-term savings, and 30% to lifestyle choices. This plan can be an excellent starting point for those struggling to decide just how much they should spend on individual budget categories.

Dab’s I hope these tips & tricks can help you save a little more this month and get you one step closer to your long-term saving goals. Have a tip we missed or have a question about your budget?? Feel free to drop me a line at nicole@lovedab.com, and I’ll be happy to chat with you. Happy saving Dabs. Check out our last blog on Free Fall Events in LA to save this month as well.


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