The first month of 2018 is coming to an end, and we know all of you DABs have significant goals for this year. What is a better way to organize all those goals than creating a vision board? I made one right after New Year’s Eve and look at it every morning to keep me focused on what I want this year.  Here’s what mine looks like.

Vision Board

We want all you DABs to share your goals with us by sending pictures of your Vision Boards. Be creative, be you!! We’ll be sharing our favorite boards on this Blog Post and to our Facebook Group, The Dab Sisterhood. If you haven’t joined, we’d love to add you. We hope your vision boards will not only inspire you but also inspire all the badass Dab girls. Here’s to a fantastic year.

Don’t Know How to Make a Vision Board?

  1. You’ll need poster board, old magazines, sharpy markers if you want to write your own words, and a glue stick.
  2. Cut out pictures and words from your magazines and then lay them out the way you want on your board
  3. Glue them down and then hang your board somewhere you will see it every day. It’s that easy.

Also, to keep your year on track check out our post, Tips and Tricks – Staying On Budget.

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