Heathyr answers important questions on love, life, and past relationships. We don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to our exes. Most take a piece of our heart when they walk away, but with each relationship, we learn and grow. Below is Heathyr’s advice on how to control and redefine the relationship with your ex.

Is it necessary to maintain good relationships with your exes? Why or why not?

Every relationship, of course, has its different scenario’s. I like to go with the fact that an ex is an ex for a reason. Now if you have ties to your past partner like animals, kids, or bills, then, of course, it is essential to keep your ex on your good side so you can work thru these things like responsible adults.

When is it OK to burn a bridge with an ex and not look back?

The moment your ex-has complete control over your headspace and makes you feel so emotional about everything she says or posts that’s when you need to let it go. You can’t give the past rule your present life. Time to move on and become the healthy happy person you are supposed to be.

How can it be beneficial to work on healing wounds from a
past relationship?

Holding on to grudges and past wounds aren’t good for the soul. By allowing yourself to forgive and forget about the mistakes that have been made in your previous relationship is a great tool to have in your pocket so you can live a stress/ angry free live. I mean who doesn’t want to live and learn and be happy!

What are some tips for mending things with an ex? (e.g., how
to reach back out, how to start the conversation, what to say/not to say, things to keep in mind, etc.) —this will be
the bulk of the article, so feel free to list as many tips as
you want, and explain why each one works!

First things first when you’re reaching back to an ex-don’t fill your head with unexpected expectations, what this means is you’re going to plan out how the Conversation is going to go – you really don’t know how it’s going to pan out so, therefore, keep yourself on guard at first and approach situation like this.

  • Reach out in a friendly casual manner. The last thing Your ex-wants to hear to hear from you is something that’s not nice or bring up something that happened before so a simple hello how are you doing, I was thinking about you is perfectly fine then you can take the conversation from there.
  • You can tell your ex about all the awesome cool new things you’ve been up to but don’t to boast or to brag about it, you don’t want to look like a show-off, also ask him/her what’s happening in his or her life.. keep it neutral.

If you realize you *do* want to get back together with an ex,
what’s the best way to approach that situation?

Honesty is the best policy, and you have to speak from your heart and your gut. Communication is everything to get someone back, and hopefully, they’re willing to listen. You can also make a list of the things that went wrong in your relationship and what you’re going to do to make them better and see if your partner agrees and then eventually have a/her make a list to do the same.

Life is short, and we should be grateful to be living on this planet earth amongst other people that we meet and connect on a relationship level. Some will shape the way we are as humans, so it’s important to keep a special place in our hearts for the one that you have loved, and lost, and never forgotten.”

– Heathyr Frances The DAB Company

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