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Kandi is the CEO and founder of The One-Eleven Network, a group of companies providing coaching, speaking and training to clients with extraordinary results. One-Eleven also includes a transformational radio/television network with various types of programming which streams globally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, Kandi is a recording artist and the true definition of a Girl BOSS Babe. So without further ado, get comfy and start reading this fantastic interview/blog all about Kandi Lee!

Fierce Feline Friday

Heathyr: Kandi, Thank you SOOOO much for letting us interview you! Can you please begin by introducing yourself to the DAB readers and telling us a little bit about your background and current career.

Kandi Lee: Hello DABS! I am a recording artist, record label owner, and television producer. I am originally from Los Angeles, California but have had the good fortune to live in several places throughout my life. My family moved to Europe when I was 12 until we moved back to the United States at 18. Although, I have a substantial career my most important job has been to be a great Mom to my daughter.

Heathyr: Wow! Kandi First let me commend you on being a great mom because in this DAB community we are all about the mother-daughter bonding relationship. It is so vital for us to pass on what we have learned to our younger generation. Also, on top of being a mom, it must be SO exciting working in the entertainment world. That’s a world a lot of us dream of working in!! So, tell us When did you know that you wanted to become a vocalist?

Kandi Lee: I knew that I wanted to be a recording artist since the age of 2. My parents would turn on the radio or television, and after hearing a song once, I would sing it with perfect pitch. I would stand in my pajamas, holding a hairbrush as my microphone, singing my little heart out. Every holiday gathering with my family became an opportunity to write, produce, and direct my new masterpiece.

Heathyr: Ah! That’s Beautiful. I can imagine little Kandi standing there in the mirror with her brush. So, Kandi who were some of your inspirations?

Kandi Lee: My family is my inspiration. They have all inspired me but in very different ways. Dad taught me to be an entrepreneur and take risks to create an empire. Mom told me to be true to myself and make me an independent woman. My daughter inspires me never to settle, and “compose” great people around me. Also, my record producer, Jeff Weber inspires me in so many ways with my music career. He believes in me, challenges me to be the best version of myself, and taught me to create music that matters.

Heathyr: Well it sounds like you have a fantastic support system and a wise family. I am a family girl myself, and it’s nice to see that your success is also the backbone of a good family structure. I think it is important for our readers to take note of the advice you are giving them here because those are strong words. Did you face any obstacles on your journey?

Kandi Lee: I faced every obstacle you can imagine. Although I knew at an early age that this was my destiny, it took me a while to get to the place I am now. My work takes me all around the United States and Europe. However, when I became a mom, I had to learn how to balance being a mom and an entrepreneur. I became a Momtrepreneur! I faced challenges from people that stabbed me in the back, betrayed my confidence, and attempted to stop my success. It was very challenging creating the resources to pay for my last album.  Difficulties were encountered within the negative self-talk that tried to convince me that I wasn’t good enough, young enough, deserving enough, etc.

Heathyr: Well it certainly can’t be easy being in the limelight and not knowing who to trust and especially starting at such a young age. It’s amazing to see that those people didn’t dull your shine or stand in your way. I am sure it only made you stronger. While going through these obstacles did you have anything holding you back?

Kandi Lee: No, I am a maniac on a mission, and that mission is clear that this is my destiny. I also have a responsibility to other artists that I create a community of support to help them have a sustainable career in music. I am a HAVE TO ARTIST which means I HAVE TO do this and no one and nothing is going to get in my way.

Heathyr: Yes!! Kandi!!! These are True words spoken by a BOSS BABE PROFESSIONAL!!! What are some of your most significant accomplishments?

Kandi Lee: Being a great mom, friend, and daughter. Creating award-winning coaching, speaking, and training company The One-Eleven Network with only 1.11 dollars. Recording my album­­­­­­­­­ and becoming a part of this extraordinary music community. Creating the Rise Up With Me TV Show that is going to change the music business. Having the opportunity to coach and train thousands of people to help them become the best versions of themselves for their business.

Heathyr: Those are huge accomplishments How long did it take you to get to this point?

Kandi Lee: Well, if I answer that I will give my age away so let’s say a long time.

Heathyr: HAHA, great answer!

Heathyr: Kandi, If you can reflect for a moment what would you tell your younger self?

Kandi Lee: DON’T WORRY… because you know you have a God-given talent. Just be who you are because that’s enough. Expect to have a lot of support and a lot of haters but don’t listen to the haters because they don’t even know.

Heathyr: Expert boss babe advice right there!!! What are some of your favorite things to talk about when you’re hanging out with your BFF or your Girl gang?

Kandi Lee: What are our goals and dreams? How to be more successful in our lives, food, and movies, etc. We love to hit up second-hand shopping stores.

Heathyr: That sounds like a lot of fun, I want to go second-hand shopping with you!! There is a lot of incredible changes happening in our female community today, how have you reacted to some of the things in our community and what advice would you give to any young female trying to get into the entertainment industry.

Kandi Lee: Yes, I started this album project three years ago before the #METOO, and #TIMESUP movement had become a household scenario. This album is my personal #METOO and #TIMESUP declaration. I wrote the tracks “Dirty Little Secret” and “No More”. Both are of social justice messages. I released title track “Dirty Little Secret” on April 3rd (Sexual Assault Awareness Day) because this song speaks to that topic. I am from a family with three generations of sexual assault survivors including me.

My song “No More” was written from the perspective of a domestic violence situation. Both messages are very near and dear to my heart and have affected the female community and their families every day. The number of assaults on females is atrocious, and I hope that my album will create change. I would advise anyone attempting to break into the entertainment industry to be clear about who they are and what their brand is. There is going to be a lot of people wanting to be involved with your career, and one of my mottos is: “WHEN IS DOUBT, YOU ARE OUT.”

Kandi Lee


Kandi Lee: If you doubt that someone doesn’t have your best interest at heart, let them go quickly. There are tons of good people like myself and my producer, Jeffrey Weber, that want to support you. Listen to that small voice that will let you know if you are in alignment with what you want and let it guide you. If you have the right people around you, then you can feel protected. Be smart and find a way to pay for your gifts and talents forward. CHASE YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER LET GO.

Heathyr: Great advice Kandi. So, lastly what advice do you have for any of our readers or members of the DAB Sisterhood?

Kandi Lee: That being in a sisterhood is essential because we thrive when we work together. Let’s create a community full of fierce, change making, goal achieving sisters that help each other to be the best version of ourselves. When women work together, I believe that this is one of the most powerful things on the planet.

Heathyr: I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your story and getting personal with all of us DABS!! We are excited to have you as an exclusive new Fierce Feline member. We will be watching you as your journey continues!!! Also, I hope to do a video with you soon, and we can call it “The day in the life of Kandi Lee!”

Kandi Lee

Heathyr: How do viewers and our readers get in touch with you?

Kandi Lee:
@realkandilee on FB, Twitter, Instagram
Through my publicist: Stacey Barker @Jade Umbrella
PR Email: Kandi111productions@hotmail.com

Heathyr: Perfect thank you, Are there any upcoming shows or promotions that we can catch or come to see you live?

Kandi Lee: I will be performing in several locations very soon, and I will keep you updated on dates, times, etc.

Thanks for reading DABS!!! PLEASEEEEE comment below and share Kandi’s story with all of the boss babes and dudes in the universe!! Until next FFF……!!!!!!!!!!

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