Hi DABS, editor & fellow DAB sister Nicole Frederick here. Today I’m taking on the mystery of the menstrual cup to help more woman calm their fears and see the benefits of switching up their menstrual products from tampons to cups. If you need some info on the ins & outs of menstrual cups you’re in the right place.

When I moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago I  was a 23-year-old dreamer looking for sun and success. Wanting to stretch a dollar was a major priority during this period, pun intended.  I came across a less than conventional way to save some much-needed money, using a menstrual cup. I like many ladies was a bit hesitant at first. It’s not uncommon to question an unfamiliar feminine hygiene product, so I started doing a little research and what I found was menstrual cups do live up to the hype. Some fun facts about cups vs tampons are ….

menstrual cups

Also, studies have shown women wearing menstrual cups instead of tampons have a much lower risk of TTS or Toxic Shock Syndrome. HURRAY TO THAT!  Are there any cons to wearing a menstrual cup, you ask? From my own expereience, there were very few to none cons. I did run into one particular snag in the first few months of use. My cup had leaked because I inserted it incorrectly and my cup didn’t create a seal around the vaginal wall to prevent leaks. Inserting your cup correctly can be tricky, but with a little research and some practice, I was able to squash those leaks easily and you can too.  Click Here for in-depth instructions on menstrual cup insertion from Lena Cup.

The Three Ways To Fold
Use one of the three folds shown here for easy insertion and maximum seal.


Last, finding the right brand of menstrual cup can be scary and overwhelming. There are so many different kinds of cups, how do you choose? A great way is to ask a friend who already uses owns a cup what brand they use. Another way is reading brands online reviews. I have personally used Luna Cup & currently use an Athena Cup. Both brands worked very well. I can say I have become a full believer of the power of the menstrual cup and have also enjoyed saving the environment & money through my choice.

PRO-TIP: Always wash your hands before and after inserting your menstrual cup & wash your cup thoroughly with soap and water after use.

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