I have been on a mission in 2019 to stay healthy and live my best life so, there I was another Saturday afternoon, wondering what the day would bring ahead of me. I had no thoughts or clues at this moment what I should do. See I am not typically the adventurous type. Actually to give you a good example, my rule when I was a child was never to play a sport that involved a ball. Also, don’t go to a gun firing range, oh and never drive over the speed limit. This should tell you my athletic abilities and my daredevil type of character. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Whelp – Everything changed for me on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. One of my friends was putting together a little outing for this weekend. He looked at a few of us and said: “Would you guys be interested in riding electric bikes near Santa Monica Blvd?” GULP, my courage to ride in an electric bike was nowhere to be found.




As I heard the proposed offer, I Immediately said out loud, “OHH definitely.” As If I had already done it many times before or something. (mind you- I haven’t ridden a bike in about 7 years.) I don’t know what I was thinking. I signed my name up on the list and walked away. As I am walking away to grab my shoes and backpack, I am not even worried. I am just thinking this is going to be noooo problem.




Flash forward to us driving into one of the best beach towns in the United States. Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Marina Del Ray. All of a sudden we are passing by many experienced bike riders, tons of tourists, and local Los Angelenos were walking up and down the streets enjoying their sunny Saturday afternoon. At this point I really didn’t know what I was about to do, it didn’t even dawn on me yet…
My Two friends and I started talking, which made us almost miss our final arrival destination, luckily one of us was paying attention. There it was Right in front of me, PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKES located at 3018 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.



Ladies, I kid you not, as we are getting settled and trying out the different bikes with Owners Jennifer and Mike (two charming and enthusiastic people by the way.) I felt like I was about to pass out from nerves. Mike made me feel like I was a professional even before I got on Snowflake, a brand new addition to the electric bike store and Jennifer made sure to prepare me for my journey with everything I could have needed. Helmet, and a little bag for all my belongings, as well as a lock for the bike. So I am listening to the conversation between my friend and Mike and I was like, “Ohhhh we are riding The ELECTRIC BICYCLES ON THE STREET, THRU THE CARS, AND BUSES, AND PEOPLE, TO GET TO THE BEACH…FILLED WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE?”




In my mind, I am like “it’s okay Heathyr, You got this, Hopefulllllllyyy!!” So, I took a breath, and the gang was all ready to go. I probably looked like I had just seen a ghost. But there we were, all lined up, almost ready to hit the road. Yeah, the actual ROAD! There goes the leader of our small little group, I was second, and my other friend was behind me. I spun the gas handle, and there I go… 10 mph to start, driving down Washington Blvd. I kid you not I have never been more scared in my life. Cars were passing by, and the buses were along my right. I see turn signals on vehicles. All kinds of things happen when you’re riding along in the bike lane. The words in my head are saying “Heather Frances, you got this, you can do it, don’t be a baby, don’t be a chicken, pretend like you’re an Olympian bike rider, BE COURAGEOUS!!” This went thru my head about 25 times, as I had a death grip on the handles. When I lifted my hand off the handlebars, I could barely open my hands to a healthy state. They hurt so bad I thought I was going to be like that forever!


Moving forward, literally, we finally made it to the beach bike path! SUCCESS! I MADE IT! And I didn’t fall or break anything, or hit anything. Phew. Now my confidence level is up. Granted navigating Venice’s bike pathway is no easy challenge, but it was MY challenge and I was living it. Finally, I was able to loosen my hands, look around at all the activity, as well as navigate, now I was a bike riding multitasker, gaining COURAGE!



I kid you not, riding a bike in the street was something that I NEVER wanted to do in my whole life. I was scared of doing new activities I had never tried before. My thoughts previous to this journey were that as a grown adult, I felt like I had lived and done all of the things I should have done, so why try something new? WELL, I was wrong. Trying something new is good for the soul. It’s incredible for your energy. It will lift your spirits no matter what you might be feeling afraid of that day. It doesn’t matter what age you are or if you’re nervous to try something that looks a little risky Disclaimer -Try things, at your own risk, and make sure it is something that you won’t get hurt from.


So DAB’S and anyone that is reading- Get out there and TRY SOMETHING, whatever it may be- own it, and I promise you will be feeling brave and have more courage in no time.



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