Hey DABS, We’re back with another spooktastic list of costumes ideas for 2019. We know All Hallows Eve is right around the corner and you may have spaced on what you want to go as this year. Well, freight no more. We’ve got ya, gurl. Scroll down to find a perfect outfit for this Halloween if you dare.

  • COMIC CHARACTERS: Take on the task of saving or destroying the world with these elite female comic characters.

Sexy Joker

Sexy Joker

The Punisherpunisher


Captain Marvel

captain marvel

  • SCARY SEXY: A gurl could get in trouble with these 3 scary outfits. Be careful who you sneak up on while wearing in character.

Pennywise The Clown

penny wise


Zombie School Girlzombie


Bloody Nurse


  • FUNNY GIRL: Crack all your friends up with while out in these 3 perfectly comical costumes.




Pumpkin Spice Whiteclaw



Cutie Cupcake


  • HISTORY BUFF: Show off your IQ as one of these historical bombshells.

Lady Libertyliberty




Janis Joplinjoplin


  • WORKFORCE WOMEN: Our new category for the year is a way to show off any DAB who thrives in life by being an extreme Boss Babe. Keep up the hard work in any of these 3 costumes.







Need more ideas?? Take a peek at Love Dab’s Ultimate Halloween Costumes from 2018 or share your ideas in the comments below. Don’t forget to show us your Halloween costumes by joining our facebook group and posting a selfie. Happy Halloween DAB sisters.

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