Tree pose has found its way to the top of the pyramid as one of the most popular Yoga poses. You can usually find it posted on Instagrams, Hallmark cards, T-shirts, or any other public promotion.  If you are not familiar with Tree pose, let me familiarize you. Tree Pose comes near the end of our Asana practice In the Balancing Sequence. (Asana- Yoga Postures and positions.) Tree Pose, also combined with a series of other poses, help to ground down the body to a stable position.

One of the first poses that I had ever learned when I embarked on my yoga Journey was Tree pose. My girlfriend was standing before us sharing her wild yoga Journey to Bali. She started to tell us more as she drew her right leg up to the side of her other leg. We all watched her and laughed, but come to find out she was the one benefiting from it all. This did not look like a pose that was an easy one, and I can honestly say this is a pose that has taken me a few years to discover the beauty within it.

As a new C1 Teacher, it is going to be my duty to help students achieve this pose. It can become difficult for a person who is new to yoga, as well as a person that is not flexible or good at balancing. It will also be my duty to explain the importance of tree pose and what is good about it so that the student may get the most out of it. I think that if you know the benefits of why you are trying this pose, to begin with, it will be more beneficial and motivational to the student.

Tree pose is your chance to ground down with the center of your body; this creates peace and communicates your body with the universe. Tree pose also stretches the thighs, the shoulders, and the torso as well as elongating the neck. For one to achieve success in Tree pose, it is important to start by placing your chosen foot on to the lower calf of your opposite leg, or you may reach down, grab your ankle and place the sole of your foot to your upper/ inner quadriceps.

When I learned that it was okay for me to grab my foot to assist it to a higher position, I was able to take Tree pose to a higher level. After the bottom portion of your foot is situated then this is your time to really ground down with all corners of your standing foot, check your hips to make sure that they are even with one another, send your belly button to your spine by engaging in your core, and press those palms of your hands together as hard as you can.

Lastly, it is essential to find a focal point and believe in the power of balancing, and know that you can do it. As the student will be attempting this pose, I will encourage them with words of affirmation. Make sure that they know how strong they are and to be patient and kind to their bodies. As many poses in our practices take time to achieve, this is one of them. Once you finally reach Tree pose, you will see the beauty in it as well as seeing the beauty in yourself.

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