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How are you feeling these days? We know it’s been rough during these trying times. Practicing self-care is essential for our mental wellbeing & we’re here to help you out. LoveDAB HQ has put together a list of five phone apps to help you stay sane during all the madness surrounding us every day.



Shine is the self-care app to help you through these uncertain times. Get access to 600+ meditations & research-backed programs proven to reduce anxiety and an invite to join a private digital community to get real-time support and advice from others around managing coronavirus anxiety.


Meet Your Self-Care Sidekick. Join two million women who are flourishing. Sanity & Self Is The Self Care App You’ve Been Waiting For & Here’s Why You Need To Try It. … Sanity & Self is a new wellness app that helps women find time to take care of themselves through short, interactive audio and video sessions guided by mindfulness, fitness, and personal growth experts.


This free app allows you to create a daily routine, tracks how consistent each task makes you feel, then provides you with feedback on how your routine impacts your mood, sleep, and stress levels over time. If you create a routine and realize you were too ambitious or that you can accomplish more in a day, you can tweak the routine to suit your needs better.



Fabulous is an app with a surprisingly easy-going approach to self-improvement. It helps you to forge new habits by providing science-based advice and daily activities that are easy to do. You’ll pick a ‘Journey’ when you start, such as to lose weight or to concentrate better.


Sanvello is a free therapy app that provides on-demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression. Sanvello is based on cognitive-behavioral practices. … Working with therapists, Sanvello is based on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy by offering clinically validated solutions and support. As of right now, Sanvello’s premium features are free to everyone during the coronavirus crisis.

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