DABS, Can you believe it’s October already? I know we can’t. Obviously, this year’s Halloween celebration will be a very different experience due to Covid-19. We’re sad some of the usual Halloween customs won’t be observed in 2020, but as DAB gurls we are resilient, creative, and deserve to let our hair down just like any other year. So, whether you’re staying in with family, masking up for social distanced Trick or Treating, or hopping on a spooky zoom party, let’s dress up and enjoy ourselves. So in Determined & Brave tradition, we’ve collected some stellar costume ideas to spark a little excitement in the upcoming weeks. Please comment on your own ideas or post a picture of yourself in your favorite costumes from years past in our Facebook group, The DAB Sisterhood.


  • COMIC CHARACTERS: No damsals in destress here, choose between the kickass hero or the sexy villan, there’s no wrong choice.


Poison Ivy

posion ivy




Black Canary

black canary


  • SCARY SEXY: Be seductive & mysterious while dressed up as either of these 3 characters.


Princess Of Darkness

princess of darkness


Sexy Miss Scissorhands

ms edward


Women’s Voodoo Magic Costume



  • FUNNY GIRL: We could all use a laugh in 2020, bring the funny to any event with one of these kooky costumes.


Loofah Costume Dress



Cheshire Cat






  • HISTORY BUFF: Myth or legend these history outfits will leave an impact on anyone who sees you in them.





American Suffragette


Jackie Kennedy



  • FACEMASK INCLUDED: Our new category is for those wanting their facemask to be incorporated into their outfits. Be trendy & safe by choosing one of these 3 facemask included ensembles.


Dragon Ninja



Zombie Nurse

zombie nurse


Mortal Kombat Kitana


Need more ideas?? Take a peek at Love Dab’s Ultimate Halloween Costumes from 2018 or 2019 share your ideas in the comments below. Don’t forget to show us your Halloween costumes by joining our Facebook Group and posting a selfie. Happy Spooky Season DAB sisters.

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