The Beauty Behind Tree Pose 

tree pose

Tree pose has found its way to the top of the pyramid as one of the most popular Yoga poses. You can usually find it posted on Instagrams, Hallmark cards, T-shirts, or any other public promotion.  If you are not familiar with Tree pose, let me familiarize you. Tree Pose comes near the end of […]

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Workout Wednesday: Halloween Edition

Workout Wednesday is here again. Week dragging? Pick up your mood and energy by trying our DABFit4u #workoutwednesday NEW exercise for the first week of October! Halloween and the holidays are coming so kick up your super girl powers with these timeless and straightforward exercises below. Feeling Daring? Repeat this exercise 3x thru-out your day. Don’t forget […]

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Workout Wednesday: Dance Challenge


Hi DAB’s and happy Workout Wednesday! I want to introduce a new giveaway and dance challenge. I think we can all use some more motivation.  Especially with the holidays approaching us. So for today’s #WorkoutWednesday we want to hear about what motivates you to work out. I’m motivated by music and think it is the best way […]

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